DBC® Finance

Municipal Finance Structuring and Reporting

DBC Finance is the industry standard for sizing and structuring municipal bond issues.

DBC Finance sizes and structures bond issues, calculates debt service, performs refunding analyses, and is backed by the best support team in the business.

It is composed of four seamlessly integrated modules:

This is the bond structure and sizing module, which calculates the amount of bonds needed to be issued for new money funding projects, including construction and asset acquisition.

Allows the user to select the bond series and maturities to be refunded, create the proposed refunding bond and identify escrow securities while staying within the limitations set forth by the regulations of the United States Department of Treasury.

Evaluates and ranks refunding candidates based on the present value of the savings. Candidates that have met the minimum selection criteria may be transferred to the Refund module for more in-depth savings analysis.

Project Finance
Designed to model financing structures that have a variety of simultaneous financial objectives, including interdependent new money sizing and advance refunding problems.