Advent OnDemand

Reduce your headaches. Outsource to us.

Reduce your in-house IT infrastructure and operational burdens, so you can focus on running and growing your business. With Advent OnDemand®, you have plenty of options, from technology hosting with outsourced reconciliation to full front, middle and back-office business process outsourcing (BPO).

Advent OnDemand® clients range from small advisory firms to global institutions managing billions in assets and complex strategies. It offers the flexibility and scalability to suit many sizes and types of firms and to support your growth over the long term.

Key Benefits

Lower Upfront Costs
Advent OnDemand® requires no additional hardware purchases or onsite software installation.

Faster Solution Deployment
Our goal is to have you up and running in far less time than a typical onsite implementation.

Simplified Maintenance
We take care of hardware and software maintenance behind the scenes.

Easier Upgrades
Upgrades are scheduled at regular intervals with a goal of minimal disruption to your business.

Reduced Middle- and Back-Office Overhead
Outsource your operational activity to SS&C Advent specialists. Choose from a wide range of services and expertise to lighten your internal load.

Security Safeguards
Your Advent OnDemand® environment is hosted in a high-quality, professionally managed data center with multiple security features designed to safeguard against anticipated threats and hazards.

System Monitoring
We have monitoring of your infrastructure 24x7x365 to support optimal availability, uptime, and performance.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
If a disaster strikes your offices, your data is protected in our facilities, with daily data backups. You can continue to do business virtually anywhere you can get an Internet connection.