Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX)

The Hub of Your Business

Advent Portfolio Exchange® is the integrated portfolio and client management solution that puts everyone in your firm – from executives to portfolio managers to operations – on the same platform and on the same page.

Deployed in your offices or hosted on Advent OnDemand®, APX centralizes all your portfolio, client and prospect marketing data on one platform. People can access the information they need quickly, with customizable dashboards, a vast report library and robust custom reporting capabilities.

Key Benefits

Better-Informed Decisions
Sharpen your decisions with reliable data at your fingertips.

Performance Insight
Built-in performance analytics enable you to fine-tune your portfolios and explain performance to clients.

Improved Client Service
Respond quickly to client inquiries with ready access to the right answers.

Timely Reporting
Automated report packaging functionality shaves hours or days off your client reporting cycle.

GIPS Compliance
Composite management functionality enables you to build true composites for GIPS-compliant reporting.

Support for Global Investing
APX allows true multi-currency accounting, with the ability to settle in the currency of your choice.

Business Intelligence
Quickly compile reports that show how your business is performing overall – and why.

Room to Grow
Grow your business on a scalable platform that allows you to manage more clients and portfolios without significant addition to headcount.

Ease of Integration
APX is designed for ease of integration with our trading, data import and invoicing solutions, as well as third-party and in-house systems.