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Stay on top of margin and financing costs.

For hedge funds and prime brokers, managing the costs associated with margin, stock borrowing and financing is a major challenge. Without transparency into margin and fee calculations, you may not realize how much incremental profitability is being chipped away.

SS&C Advent’s Syncova® solutions bring unprecedented transparency and improved accuracy for the benefit of both parties. Funds can optimize their collateral and minimize their costs, while prime brokers can offer a more competitive service.

Key Benefits

Improve Accuracy and Transparency
With automated calculation of margin commitments and financing costs, funds can accurately replicate counterparty calculation methods. Syncova® supports all margin and financing calculation models and methodologies.

Know True Trading Costs
Side-by-side counterparty comparisons help obtain best costs before placing a trade and avoid overcharges.

Aggregate Data Across Multiple Counterparties
Reduces complexity of managing multiple prime broker and OTC counterparty margin requirements.

Optimize Collateral Placement
What-if capability enables you to compare and generate position moves required to achieve the best margin or financing costs.

Reduce Operational Risk
Automatically identify and resolve trade breaks.